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26 July 2019
by Kathy Chen, KPEX Data Manager

Exploring KPEX's Finance Audiences

Reach users who have been researching mortgage rates, insurance products, loans, credit cards, savings accounts, investments, retirement plans or real estate using KPEX's Finance audiences....

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28 June 2019
by Simon Birkenhead

Editorial Sites Offer Superior Advertising Impact

The fast scroll speed on social sites means most ads are in-view for only a brief moment. Editorial-style sites have longer dwell times and consequently ads are in-view for significantly longer, meaning they deliver superior impact....

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12 June 2019
by Simon Birkenhead

Platform Fee Transparency on AppNexus & Rubicon

KPEX has partnered with AppNexus and Rubicon to make the commission fees for our inventory on these platforms transparent to buyers to help advertisers make more informed decisions regarding what ad inventory to buy....

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