KPEX Audience Planning Tool

Improve the performance of your campaigns using KPEX's first party targeting data.

Our audiences are built using first party data from our publishers, combined with verified demographic data.

KPEX offers over 130 core audience segments that can improve the performance of your ad campaigns by helping you to target your ads only to people most likely to be interested in your product or service.

How to use:

1. Choose the category of audience you are interested in
2. Identify the audience segment(s) that best align with your campaign
3. Click the tick box next to your chosen segments to add them to your wish list
4. Click the 'Get Quote' button to notify KPEX that you are interested in buying these audiences for your campaign. One of the KPEX team will respond within one working day.

Please note that the tool below is best used on a laptop or desktop screen.

We have hundreds of other customised segment options available, including Hyper-Targeted and Hyper-Relevant segments. If you don't see a core segment that matches your requirements, or to discuss a bespoke audience, please contact KPEX.