Who we are

KPEX (Kiwi Premium Ad Exchange) is a programmatic ad exchange, providing RTB access to New Zealand's largest, most premium digital content publishers. We deliver brand safe, premium digital inventory and audiences at scale - reaching over 80% of New Zealand's internet population each and every day. The KPEX exchange works with our 10 publisher partners to provide programmatic access to over 50 individual URLs - all of which deliver high quality, engaged audiences in well known, trusted media environments.

Display Advertising

KPEX provides access to all standard display formats across NZ's largest and most premium digital content destinations - delivering cost efficient, effective display options to deliver on any campaign KPI from Direct Response to Brand.

Video Advertising

Execute scaled video buys within premium content environments - high quality content, engaged audiences and market-leading performance. With flexible durations and advanced audience targeting options, KPEX video really delivers.

Audience Targeting

Take advantage of KPEX's advanced audience targeting capabilities to reach your target audiences. KPEX uses fully transparent 1st Party data sets, all of which are collected from across a comprehensive range of New Zealand's leading digital publishers


Target your audience using true Native placements - seamlessly integrated within premium quality content environments, delivering engaged, responsive audiences.

Cross-Device Targeting

Run your activity across Desktop/Mobile/Tablet devices - reaching the right users, at the right time on the right devices. Tailor your campaign messaging/daypart targeting to drive maximum campaign performance.

Brand Safety

KPEX's premium publishers offer brand safe, premium content environments 'out of the box' - no UGC or fraudulent traffic.Take advantage of KPEX's transparent PMP offering to overlay 3rd party brand safety measures if required.

Our Story

Our Story

KPEX was formed in 2015, and is jointly owned by Stuff, NZME, Mediaworks and TVNZ. KPEX exists to provide a viable '3rd option' in the Digital eco-system, offering comparative reach to Google and Facebook. KPEX provides advertisers with RTB access to NZ's largest premium digital inventory - offering brand safe, efficient and effective options to drive campaign performance at scale. Having started from humble beginnings with 2 staff back in early 2016, the KPEX team now has 6 members covering technology, data and sales - all based in Auckland, New Zealand.